Unified with the hatred for being common, Stylizedd was founded by 2 regular guys with a passion for art. Looking endlessly for ways to express our creativity & represent local art, we set out to do this together with other like-minded individuals.

With this quest for being different; in 2014 we opened our doors in Dubai to serve various local communities with a dose of art in their local flavor, more importantly on products they love.

We want Stylizedd to be a place where creativity is not only encouraged but also stimulated; it’s a place where our crew of enthusiasts’ tries to reach out to designers, photographers, artists and writers across the planet to design your world. It’s a place where you can unleash your unassuming creative brilliance and showcase it to the world around you. It’s finally a place that empowers creativity by providing a platform to release your creative impulses.

We honestly believe that creativity is not an exclusive right of a few, who hold their heads higher than others. Creativity runs through the veins of each and every soul, waiting to be explored, screaming to be heard!

This is where we want to help; by providing a platform with simplified tools to release your creative impulses and eventually make your life - Stylizedd.

Simply put, our mission is to “Empower creativity and customize life”. We do the first bit, you do the second.