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Why is the 90s so nostalgic that you ask? Why isn't it meant to be? Down the memory lane, when we had a lot of little things with us, it was better than any kid today. The 90s had more to do with living life to the fullest yet worth it. With everything at your fingertips, kids today have lost the value of watching TV shows, cartoons, and movies on aired time. While in real life today, back then, people had only one life to live with no social media at all! Although we've made progress, let's take a moment to appreciate what we've had. We definitely can't bring back the glorious era, but we can include some aspects of the 90s in our life that will take us back. Stylized here presents some of the retro models that 90s kid would surely love to have. Stylizedd product 1 If you remember, whether it was an occasion, event or celebration, we used to decorate your special events with our unique yet contemporary flowers that exalt the beauty of space. Now that the freshness of the flowers has been replaced by an artificial piece of decoration, the floral Apple Airpods would definitely work as a time machine. This is because the flowers are the primary source of love for 90s kids, isn’t it? Stylizedd product The comics described the 90s! A time when people were paying crazy amounts of comic money just because it was an important period, but not knowing how many of those same comic books would be printed, making their incredibly valuable collections worth every penny. The challenge of exposure made comic culture so much more precious: you enjoyed comic books all the more because you read it on the loop. This comic Apple Airpods is for those who miss their love for comics. Stylizedd product From being addicted to snakes and mineweepers to giving the school project a funky shadow effect on WordArt, everything about computers in the 90s was cool. For computers at home, schools would be given special attention. Playing with a mouse can never get old, too! Is it nostalgic? Okay, get even more drawn to your childhood memories with our Shut up your Mouse iPhone 11 case Stylizedd product The tape or the cassette brought music to the public in a whole new way. For the first time, music was easily accessible to people all over the world. Citizens could then listen to their favorite tracks while they were using their car stereos and Walkmans. That's what made the 90s musical era with views like headphone joggers running to the beats of new pop songs, or teens trading cassettes in school or bus. Let your inner love of music and the 90s go out with this classic Cassette Tape iPhone 11 case at Stylizedd. Get an awesome 90s return with Stylized Vintage Style iPhone Cases and Airpods. Because the child of the 90s is lit!