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Coasters by Stylizedd

Liven up your coffee time with our unique mug coasters

The coffee and tea marks speak louder than anything and not in a good way. Although people always have an option to clean up the after tea-party mess, one way to prevent it by using coasters! There is one of the many benefits of coasters apart from their normal functionality, here’s something you should know:

Benefits of using Beverage Coasters

No more than a diameter, this tiny thing holds benefits more than you can think about. Not only they elevate that home décor status of your home but they have much absorbency. Table coasters absorb the moisture thus prevents the water to penetrate in the table or stains to dry on your furniture. This is most importantly used at a place where people impromptu in using their tea/coffee mugs. In all, coffee coasters help to
  1. Keep your tabletop surface clean
  2. Add to be a great home décor element for style and sophistication
  3. Can be used to cover the beverages
  4. Mostly prevalent at corporate places or events

What is the proper way to use a coaster?

Apart from an absorptive quality, coasters can also be used as an energy conversation element. Coasters from Stylizedd have design element on both the side which makes them even more efficient. Now save your table surface from irresistible scratches and ugly beverages stains – and the best way to do that is coasters. Stylizedd coasters come in a pack of two and serve as a unique designer purpose. What to know the hidden reason behind the patterns, Read here:

All the taste of being a girl!

Makeup isn’t only used to hide flaws but it is the way to flaunt the unique trait. Makeup showcases how people can experiment with colors and varieties that people love. It is more like are you a trendsetter or a trend follower! Makeup Beverage coasters are something to flaunt your inner love for makeup in a most decent way!

Rather be a hipster than cool!

Super-successful people trust that honesty and integrity always work out for the best in the long run. But in the case of hipsters, they are cool, nerd and funky believe that uniqueness is the way to be successful and to stand out in the challenges. Stylizedd genuinely respects those of the genres and believes that everyone should flaunt their unique side. And although honesty allows for genuine connections with people, another way is our Hipster Mug Coasters! Something different but definitely out of the box idea! Decorate your home with Stylizedd beverage coasters! Made with durable PU leather and non-skid backing, these coasters display the designs with vivid and sharp colors. Perfect for hot and cold drinks, they are a great complement to any table.
  • 8" x 3.8"
  • Coasters come in a set of 2
  • PU Leather with non-skid backing
  • Easy wipe-clean surface
Coaster is a symbol of art that would look fancy and expensive even if you got it at a very reasonable price – something every homemaker look for, isn’t it? Share us your story about coasters in the comment below and let us know how uplift in home-décor’ took place at your space because of tea coasters!