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custom tablet skins

What are tablet skins and how to choose one?

Tablet skins are quickly becoming a rage amongst people now. They love decorating their tablets with designer skins and of course, flaunting them. However, it is important to understand which are some perfect skins that would suit your tablet. This blog helps you understand what tablet skins are and how you can choose one that complements your style!

What are tablet skins?

Tablet skins are a thin vinyl covering that covers your tablet backs. Just like other devices, these skins protect your device against scratches and other damages. However, cases and skins are not the same. Skins are exclusively designed to be non-intrusive and aesthetically pleasing.

What are tablet skins made of?

Well, there are many types of cases available for tablets. However, the most reliable are the vinyl skins. Other materials such as cloth and rubber don’t provide the advanced protection, which is provided by these amazing vinyl skins. Moreover, the tablet skins by Stylizedd are made with high quality 3M vinyl material. These provide ultimate protection and have precision cuts. Hard plastic skins are also available in the market, however they do not look as appealing as vinyl skins.

How thick are tablet skins?

The thickness of tablet skins varies. Certain skins are 1/32 of an inch, while others are thicker. However thick these skins are, they do not make your tablet feel heavy. Isn’t that cool?

How to choose a tablet skin?

  • Choose the right size

Generally, tablet skins are available according to the devices you own. However, it is significant to match the size of your tablet with its skin before buying. Some skins available in the market are also stretchable.

  • Look for skins with air release technology

Tablet skins with air release technology don’t allow those bubbles to form. These skins are super-easy to apply and remove. Due to the air release technology, these skins are bubble-free and can be easily removed and re-applied. It also gives a texture to new awesome designs. It lets the colour pop out!

  • Pick your style

What defines you? Pick tablet skins that actually suit your style. There is a wide range of tablet skins available – from basic to designer. If you love simplicity, you can go with wood textured skins, while if you love fancy stuff, why not go with a cartoon character on your skin? In fact, Stylizedd also allows you to customize your own tablet skins. Love that? Yes, you can upload your own photo or design and get it printed as your tablet skin.

  • Easy to remove

It is important to make sure that the tablet skin is easy to remove. You might want to keep changing the skins of your tablet frequently. That is only possible if your tablet skin can be easily removed and applied.

All set to choose your tablet skins now? Start exploring today!