StyleGrip by Stylizedd

A phone grip, stand and earphone keeper - The StyleGrip is coming soon!

When it comes to phone accessory, providing merely a protection to your phone is not satisfactory. This is why Stylizedd is launching 3 in 1 phone case. Single phone case will now have multiple importance – A phone Grip, Stand and Earphone keeper.

Stylizedd StyleGrip is a stylish phone accessory that lets you do more with your mobile. Just expand to use it and collapse it back to the original position to lay flat. Whether you’re trying to snap a quick selfie or want to watch videos in the air (tricky! But why not give it a try), text using only one hand – we have got you all covered.

If you think StyleGrip is just for your phone then you are mistaken. Just like having a stand for a tablet or laptop gives you some extra comfort while using it, StyleGrip does the same for your mobile. It is a great companion for your phone that will give you comfort while using the mobile.

How StyleGrip provides an extra grip to your iPhone!

A phone case isn’t the only thing to provide your phone protection it deserves. A StyleGrip will be responsible to add protection from drops while making texting, scrolling and taking selfies easier than before. Moreover, it makes holding your mobile more comfortable and secure. You can keep your mobile wherever you want to with StyleGrip by your side. Why wait, get it perfect for what you need!

Case with in-build stand!

StyleGrip  by Stylizedd

It isn’t difficult to use StyleGrip. All you need to do it just expand the stand attached to the case whenever you need a stand for amazing selfies, videos, or posts. Another brilliant characteristic of a StyleGrip is to rap your earphones around it for tangle-free storage.

Comfort, Support and Protection

StyleGrip  by Stylizedd

Many mobiles have windows on screen for a professional take - easily facilitate answering calls, view schedules, time, etc.

Some even have the capability to transform and be used as a stand so you can put the phone on a table and watch a movie.

Browse through an overwhelming amount of stylish phone cases is best for you from Stylizedd or create your own design!