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Feather Phone Cover - Stylizedd

Let’s go into the flashback where growing up with grandmother was a huge bonus especially with their distinctive stories. We would spend countless hours hearing stories sitting amongst nature. Looking out of the window where she would teach us about the different birds that would visit. No doubt birds are extravagantly beautiful creatures and so dang useful as their feather. So we used this in our designs!

Get Stylizedd clear cases that are as slim as bird feathers and as useful as you can think about it. It flamboyantly advertises the beauty that no one else can.

Polkadots Phone Cover - Stylizedd

Aren't you getting bored with those completely red, pink, yellow and blue colors phone cases? If yes, then here’s good news for you. Bid adieu to phone cases with boring colors and give the new and trendy mobile cover arts which are in style these days. Come on ladies, leave the traditional cases behind and try this new design that is sure to grab a lot of attention.

We at Stylizedd are here with a funky and gala style 'Polka Dots' phone cases designed for a perfect match.

Floral Phone Cover - Stylizedd

Flowers are beautiful. I mean there isn’t anyone who doesn’t love flowers or floral designs. Because they are pleasing to our eye! Moreover, today’s generations believe in finding the deeper colors and hidden meanings of the soul. A few reasons why people fall in love with the floral design are because it creates the perfect space that uplifts our mood instantly. The design is kinesthetic that engages our body with our mind and senses.

Our floral design clear case is amazingly creative that reveals our beliefs to the outer world. It will help you hold subconsciously and flaunt a piece of your design.

Butterfly Phone Cover - Stylizedd

Butterflies take up a special place in our hearts. From their unmatched beauty to the fact that they use their wings in a very special way is what makes them adorable. Their wings are not only used for flight but as a canvas for some of the most striking patterns in nature.

With so exciting phone cases, don’t let anything hold you back. Give a quick scroll down and enhance the beauty of your phone or create your own

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