delicious foody phone cases by Stylizedd

Phone cases for good friends, good food & good times

One of the healthy excuses for having your favorite food by your side is getting the imprint of it which will remain with us forever, isn't it? We know your reaction cannot be less than “of course, bring it on.” So here we are presenting some of the foodie phone cases that will not only make your every day special without feeling guilty about it. This Children’s Day, have a guilt-free celebration with Stylizedd designer mobile covers.

Love is having popcorn with your friends

popcorn style phone case Movies or TV series, whenever you sit down to watch on the evenings of weekends with friends to rejuvenate your mind – one thing that uplifts the mood is food. And when it is about watching your favorite shows with favorite people, I cannot think of anything other than popcorns, do you? If yes, why keep your love for popcorn just limited to eating when you can have its imprint on the mobile covers. Flaunt your love in style and share the popcorn love via phone case at Stylizedd

Donut worry be happy

Donut style phone case There’s a reason why people carve for donuts, whenever you feel low. Taste, texture, and aromas are so amazing that anyone can summon to these positive personal sweet memories. Whatever occasion it is – donut treat is what is needed to make your friends smile. Or the other way is to get the Stylizedd donut phone case to indulge in nostalgic craving to trigger happiness!

You can always save the day with Sprinkles

Sprinkal phone case Sprinkles on desserts not only alter its look but also our mind and body in many positive ways. Have a guilt-free delicious sweet for they are good for your mood and body as well. The twist lies here with its glamorously sweet candy can also give a different outlook to your mobile. No bluffing here –with Stylizedd create-your-own application, you can have designer phone cases of any deserts. Try it now!

Be a piece of eye-candy

Eye candy phone case With the Children’s day, approaching remember Poppins or Lollipop ruled our life during early school days? Having lollipops in between break sessions in school was like feeding the soul with food. When we finally have them, it is like we finally found heaven on earth. Even today, I am sure you would have gobbled down chocolates when you are having a bad day to brighten up the mood. How these simple pleasures can lighten up life. The same is like having colorful chocolates phone cases by your side from Stylizedd. To make sure you enjoy the essence of chocolates while living the childhood again, this Children’s Day flaunt your inner child with pride. Stylizedd wished all the people a very joyous Children’s Day!