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How the phone case became the most important part of your wardrobe

There are a lot of great and inexpensive cases available today in the market and online. They are responsible to protect your phone as well as provide you a place to keep cards or work as media stands.

But is it even practically possible to have a good phone case with all of the above properties?

To give you good news amidst all negative environments created due to the pandemic outbreak, yes, a good phone case is possible. FYI we are talking about stylish mobile covers that will not only elevate your phone’s outer look but also are luxurious, have ample space for cards and by the use of Style Grip, can be converted into media stand as well.

Today, we’re turning the spotlight on our premium Stylizedd phone cases and covers , which will cloak your stylish mobiles in beautiful covers.

We’ve listed some of the top designer cases made with precise attention given to small details to provide optimum protection. We used top quality material to give your mobile a perfect look. Every mobile cover from us will be a unique creation. It is safe to say that Stylizedd phone cases are special.

Let’s look at each Stylizedd cases and covers in turn:

Phone cases and style grips - Stylizedd

This good-looking rugged Girl Boss phone case at Stylizedd will give your iPhone XS/X a stylish upgrade. Now excellent protection to your iPhone along with sound enhancement is at your fingertip. With a shock-absorbing & impact resistant D3O® material, this cover will survive anything life throws at it. It supports wireless charging too.

Phone cases and style grips - Stylizedd

With unimaginably slim factor, this truly luxurious iPhone XR Impact Pro Pac Man lightweight case is made from a combination of the finest & light Amorphous Polymer, which is actually a very strong plastic. This extremely well-made mobile cover gives full access to ports and buttons.

Is the phone case a really important part of our wardrobe?

If you have read the whole blog in order to find how phone cases work to provide your smartphone the perfect protection, then somehow, we have answered the question in our title. We do not want to stay away from mobile. There is a sudden sense of panic if we are not able to find it. It is logical to conclude, that mobile is one of the most important parts of the wardrobe and a significant accessory, women/men do not want to leave behind when going out. To protect it and flaunt your chosen-design, the phone case is another accessory that has gained popularity.

Why should I buy Style Grip?

What’s the most important phone accessory? If you have answered a phone case, you are just partially correct. Because providing merely protection to your phone isn't always satisfactory to the customers. This is where Stylizedd Style Grip has come into action with the power of 3 in 1.

Style Grip is a kind of mobile holder that will help your single phone case serve multiple importance – A phone grip, stand and earphone keeper. It is a stylish phone accessory that permits you to do multitasking. Just expand to use it and collapse it back to the first position to put flat. Whether you’re trying to snap a fast selfie or text using only 1 hand – we've got you all covered.

Why we offer customization

We at Stylizedd understand that in 2020 customers want more from their luxury phone cases. They want strength, protection and above everything, they want personalization. This is why Stylizedd has revamped the luxury personalization option to ensure that you receive the phone case you have always dreamed of.

Our collection offers a luxurious and sophisticated phone cases while our Create-Your-Own is our armor to ensure that your imagination is fulfilled!