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Mobile covers by Stylizedd for a playful look

Your routine life can be very hectic and boring at times. Amidst the constant clutter of things, you rarely get time to think about other colours of your life. Don’t let that happen because life is too short to miss such varied colours, right? We, at Stylizedd, have a collection of playful mobile covers for your phones that would help you keep your spirits high and fill your life with happiness and joy.

Grab a collection of these playful characters and enjoy how they fill your life with fun.

  • Hipster Basha

A bright background, nicely trimmed beard, round spectacles and a nice hat are enough to bring a smile on your face, instantly! He can keep you entertained whole night and yet you would want more of his entertainment. Hence, let your smile remain intact on your face with our Hipster Basha mobile cover.

Hipster Basha mobile cover - Stylizedd
  • Indian Doll cover

Girls will love such covers. Have you played with dolls when you were a child? You were so happy to dress up your doll nicely, comb her soft and long hairs and play with her along with your girlfriends- do you remember all this? She was your true best friend and you often slept holding her as she was your favourite doll. Those days were truly amazing. So, don’t just imagine, bring those days back with our Indian Doll mobile cover for your mobile.

Doll mobile cover - Stylizedd
  • Next Level Tash

No two men have similar moustaches and no two men have similar tastes. If you are a man who prefers something simple and light yet want it to be playful, then our Next Level Tash phone case does justice to your preferences. The cover is filled with light and heart-warming colours and has clouds around it displaying different personalities with the help of the moustaches. Want to try it out today itself?

 Next Level Tash phone case - Stylizedd
  • Boo!

Cartoon characters have a talent to fill even a serious atmosphere with fun and laughter. They simplify the way we see our world and promise to make you laugh till your stomach drops. A Boo mobile cover for your phone will just be a perfect choice to turn your boring days into an interesting one. Love for cartoons never dies, does it?

Boo mobile cover - Stylizedd
  • Minion themed mobile covers

The most adorable creatures are here. The innocent smile of minions is all enough to pump in a dose of optimism and cheerfulness in you. They turn the bad days into the best ones and make the best days even better. They remind you of all the good in the world and make the world a better place. With our Minion mobile cover, you wouldn’t want to give a second thought to your purchase!

Minion mobile cover - Stylizedd
  • Skully tattoo

A mix of playfulness with a slight sense of horror is a perfect combination of two impressive traits. Such a mobile cover for your phone will not only uplift the standards of your mobile cover but also of your taste. Our Skully tattoo mobile cover perfectly blends these two traits into one. It has a pale background with curvy designs in the scary skull making anyone awestruck with its looks. Show this one to your friends and we bet they will be astonished to see it.

Minion mobile cover - Stylizedd

So, don’t let your life get too serious. Make it a journey full of smiles and happiness with our playful mobile covers. Go, grab one from Stylizedd today!