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Laptop sleeves for every personality!

How much time do you spend on your laptop? People these days have a tendency to carry their laptops wherever they go – be it at work, college, parties or your friend’s place. Wouldn’t your laptops look boring if you just carry it without a case? There are various types of laptop sleeves available these days in the market. Invest in good laptop sleeves that are not only attractive but also protects your laptops. Stylizedd brings to you some cool ideas for your laptop sleeves. Your laptop is your identity, right? Obviously, it should reflect your personality. So, why not buy laptop sleeves that reflect your identity? Read this blog to know more.

Let’s look at the different types of personalities your laptop sleeves can reflect:

1. Bold

Are you the bold and fun one? Do you love parties and bright colours? We have just the right one for you. Bold personalities generally are very expressive. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and don’t shy away. So, of course, their laptop sleeves should be bold enough too. Our floral blast laptop sleeve will definitely be the right choice for you! So, invest in a bold sleeve today!

2. Simple

If you are the simple ones who loves keeping it classy and elegant, don’t worry! We have something for you too. You might not be big on loud designs and heavy patterns. But you might love cute designs and patterns. If you are a fan of that, then our baby blue hearts laptop sleeve is perfect for you.

3. Quirky

Are you the fun and spontaneous types? You might prefer funny quotes or some quirky cartoon character as your laptop sleeve. We have just what you are looking for. Get the amazing “BOO” laptop sleeve by Stylizedd and show your quirky side to all your friends. It’s a unique perky print that reflects your fun side. Go out and express yourself the way you like with us!

4. Introvert

Are you an introvert? Do you like being more reserved? If you enjoy solitude and love simple things in life, Stylizedd has just what you want. Well, we understand that different people have different personalities, and do not like expressing themselves like other would. Thus, if you are an introvert you should buy our happy chevy laptop sleeve. This is a sleek sleeve with minimal design.

We have something for every personality out there! So, start picking your favourite laptop sleeves now.

You can also customize your laptop sleeves with us. Click here to create your own!