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Keep calm and love these zip wallets at Stylizedd

Don’t just advertise yourself with your words but also with things you carry and zip wallet is the best way to do that. Here are a few of the best personality depicting wallets you will fall in love with:

King of beasts

Polly Lion Zip Wallet - Stylizedd Do you think you are a replica of a lion having a personality which is fearless and brave? Someone who carries confidence in eyes and leadership qualities in mind. It is like others will need to fight to take over the control. If you too enjoy the personality like a lion and are susceptible to how to flatten it like a boss, here’s a trick! Stylizedd Polly Lion Zip Wallet is the thing you are looking for. It will be admired, it is never taken for granted, and the wallet is as powerful as the one who carries it. Be bold and imperious, be unmistakable! Because we know, nothing less than this is needed!

A strong pack needs a stronger leader

The leader of the Pack Zip Wallet - Stylizedd As we grow up, we observe that we all want to the leader of the pack, like a wolf. Wolf is a friendly animal with good innate feelings for everyone but is not easily lured by anything. It is clever, it has its own charm, making a trait for humans to follow. Who doesn’t want to be savage and vicious, handling things with situation-specific aggression? Even we couldn’t keep ourselves away from such beauty. The leader of the Pack Zip Wallet is dedicated to those who are unusually intelligent but also emotional and sensitive. The idea is to have a wallet that represents the ferocious creature for the people who loves them, who wants to be like them.

A bit of African soul between your hands

African Heritage Zip Wallet - Stylizedd African animals follow that trait of being strong yet silent at times, being cautious yet empathetic. It is the personality of usually how we imagine an ideal person should be. Imagine carrying this wallet in public and letting people know about you and your likes. You are bound to get love and you are bound to get attention – maybe never-ending! Don’t let this opportunity slip away! Grab this unique African Heritage Zip Wallet online from Stylizedd. The Stylizedd classic zip wallet is made with high-quality PU Leather and premium quality zip. It is a perfect blend of style and safety that comes in trendy designs and package. So, carry this ultra slim wallet in your pocket, whenever you want to head out in style!