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spooky iPhone cases - Stylizedd

Grab spooky iPhone cases from Stylizedd

Add some fun to your mundane routine with spooky iPhone covers from Stylizedd. Spend some time with your loved ones by depicting scary scenarios and showing these iPhone covers to them. Record their reactions and show them after the prank is over and enjoy hearty laughter with them.

Check out a few such iPhone covers as below.

  • Scream Mask iPhone case

Think of a scenario where you enjoying the best time of your life and then suddenly, out of nowhere, a ghost dressed in white attire appears before you. The ghost has an elongated face with a tiny nose and hollow eyes. Nothing else is visible except for the facial features and the white attire of the ghost. The ghost comes closer to you with his mouth wide open, as if he wants something from you, something truly precious. And then you suddenly wake up, realising that it was just a dream. Got goosebumps thinking about it? Try narrating this same story to your friends with our Scream Mask iPhone case and enjoy the fun!

Scream Mask iPhone case - Stylizedd
  • Crazy Skulls iPhone case

Horror doesn’t have to be spooky always. It can also be something light and funny which triggers positive imprints in the mind. So, why not get phone covers printed with playful skulls on it? It will not only add a fun element to your cover but will also change others perspective towards horror. Moreover, it might help you and the people around you to overcome the scare of horror. So, grab the Crazy Skulls iPhone case only at Stylizedd.

Crazy Skulls iPhone case - Stylizedd
  • Shoot iPhone case

See the image below. Does it remind you of the young soul who experienced an early death because of a few unaccomplished desires? This desire might be something which ignites a fire within to become someone who is different from others; the desire of standing out in the crowd; the desire which will be fulfilled when it is achieved. But only because it was not fulfilled due to unknown reasons, the camera remained hung on the wall while that young soul gave up the living world. Is this spooky enough to make a good story? So, grab the Shoot iPhone case and have some fun.

Shoot iPhone case - Stylizedd
  • The Tux iPhone case
Have you heard of Nearly Headless Nick? He is one of the most famous ghosts from the Harry Potter series who was hit forty-five times on his neck with a blunt axe before dying. This eventually resulted in an incompletely beheaded death and since then, he roams in the mystical school of Hogwarts re-enacting his death. Think of a similar ghost in a classy black tuxedo who will bring a chill down the spine of your friends but in a friendly way. So, get a similar The Tux iPhone case and start the entertainment. The Tux iPhone case - Stylizedd
  • Boo iPhone case

Here’s another way to turn horror into humour. Get some comic characters on your iPhone covers who scare everyone in a funny way. This will lighten the sense of horror around you and lighten the tempo. Also, what is the fun of scaring anyone when eventually you don’t see a smile on their face right?So, getting the fun going with our Boo iPhone case!

Boo iPhone case - Stylizedd

So, start working on your new task right away. Remember, your intention should be to bring a smile on the faces of your loved ones and not to hurt them. Explore these iPhone cases and many such cases on Stylizedd immediately.