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iphone8 case support

Does your iPhone 8 case support wireless charging?

One of the most awaited phones is out now! The rage it created before its launch was tremendous. The response after its launch is amazing too. iPhone 8 comes at a high price. It’s obviously expensive. So, of course you would want to protect it with a case. However, iPhone 8 comes with a feature of wireless charging. People are going gaga over this! Want to know if iPhone 8 cases by Stylizedd support wireless charging? You will find out in this blog.

What is wireless charging?

Apple has finally embraced wireless charging and thus, it’s important for us to first understand how wireless charging actually works before knowing the compatibility of your iPhone 8 case. Well, it uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two objects through electromagnetic induction. This charges your iPhone 8 without plugging it in.

However, the question still remains, how does an iPhone 8 case affect your wireless charging? The position of the coil inside the phone might affect your wireless charging. iPhone 8 is said to be compatible with Qi standard. That’s great because Qi charger pads have been around for a while and seem reliable. The signal from these charging pads can penetrate up to certain millimeters. Hence, very important to choose your iPhone 8 case wisely.

iPhone 8 case matters

The wireless charging is compatible with the iPhone 8 cases by Stylizedd! Exciting, right? So, you don’t have to carry boring and dull cases anymore with your iPhone 8. Our iPhone 8 cases are available in a designer series and they look awesome.

Our iPhone 8 cases are lightweight and easy to carry. In fact, they are designed in such a way that their slimness allows you to wirelessly charge your iPhone 8. People with metal cases, might face a problem. But, we’ve got your back! You can buy designer cases from the wide range available on our website.

Moreover, Stylizedd also offers custom iPhone 8 cases! Isn’t that cool? So, this means, you can not only own a designer case but also create your own design. You could upload your photo or your pet’s. Either way you can create a custom design on your iPhone 8 case.

Want a glimpse of our designer iPhone 8 cases? Here you go!

iPhone 8 case white

iPhone 8 car case

iPhone 8 batman case

iPhone 8 blue case

iPhone 8 banana case

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