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What is the Difference Between Mobile Covers and Mobile Skins?

What is the best way to protect your smartphones? You will obviously say mobile covers! What about mobile skins? There are a lot of options available these days. Which one will you choose to protect your smartphones? Of course, your phones need to look attractive too. This blog helps understand the difference between mobile covers and mobile skins. Decide which is the one for you, after reading this blog. Read to know more.

Mobile covers:

One of the best ways to protect your phones is by using mobile covers. The hard plastic helps protect your phone against drops, scratches, dust, and also makes it look attractive. Even the most expensive phones are extremely delicate and require certain amount of protection. Now you may feel that mobile covers are bulky and heavy and should be avoided. However that’s not true with our cases. Our cases are of 2 different types. Let’s look at both of them

Tough Pro cases Features of the tough pro cases:
  • It is a clip-on case with the finest & light Amorphous Polymer shell on the outside and a unique inner silicon-absorbing sleeve to take the stress from a drop
  • The 2-piece design provides full coverage over the devices edges and a raised lip protects the screen as well
  • Our state-of-art technology ensures that your design covers the entire Polycarbonate shell (even the sides) and will be permanently embedded
  • Ideal for people who lead rough or accident prone lifestyles (or just like to sound Tough).
  • Dual Layer for extra durability & protection
  • Inner silicon liner for extra impact resistance
  • Tough, durable but lightweight casing
  • Allows full access to all device ports
  • Permanent, super-bright & edge-to-edge colors embedded directly onto the case. Snap Classic cases

    Features of the snap classic cases:

  • It is constructed from the finest & light Amorphous Polymer, which is actually a very strong plastic (that’s apparently used in outer space)
  • The case is only 2.5mm slim and impeccably shows off the slim profile of your device
  • The impact-resistant outer shell protects your device from scratch, drops and dust
  • Our state-of-art technology ensures that your design covers the entire case (even the sides) and will be permanently embedded; unlike in other cases that use thermal transfers
  • The Snap Classic is a slim fitting one-piece clip-on case. Perfect for keeping the smooth lines in your skinny jeans. Slim, durable & lightweight
  • Minimal impact on overall device size• Allows full access to all device ports
  • Permanent, edge-to-edge colors embedded directly onto the case

Mobile skins:

Mobile skins are becoming increasingly popular and why not? They stick on to your phone easily and come-off easily. Moreover, these are available in variety of designs and patterns. Additionally, mobile skins, unlike mobile covers of other companies are very light and easy to carry. One of the biggest advantages of mobile skins is that it does not completely hide the design of the phone. In fact, a mobile skin accentuates the design and slimness of your phones. You obviously invest in smartphones because of their attractive features. It makes sense to show them off!

Let’s look at features of our mobile skins:

  • Using only the best in class vinyl, Stylizedd Skins are the pinnacle of quality & workmanship
  • Each custom-cut vinyl skin gives a detailed fit on your device, with super easy & bubble-free installation due to its Air Release Technology
  • It also features cool designs or eye-popping textures, giving the opportunity to express your unique sense of individuality
  • 3M Vinyl with Air Release Technology.
  • High precision custom cut for perfect fit.
  • Thin and tough - protects from minor scratches.
  • Easy on - Easy off, goo-free application.
  • Doesn’t interfere with buttons or sensors

So, which one would you pick?

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