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Mug Paradise | How to organize your coffee mugs

For some people, Mug is a form of a sacred vessel. After all, we are going to keep the collection safe and secure by following the precautions religiously. Whatever our favourite drink is - latte, coffee, or tea — nothing can overshadow the joy of having a drink in our precious mug. It is also good for the purpose of home décor. A bunch of them together are often bright and colourful for sight. So rather than stashing your favourite mugs within the cabinet, Stylizedd has six ways to flaunt them in style.

Hang them up!

This is a straightforward and attractive answer to storing your coffee mugs. And it works brilliantly when you have a less number of cups which you wish to display rather than hiding them away. All you need to do is install a rail on your wall which is simple enough for anyone. Just a few screws, and then you can hang your favourite designer mugs. Rails can be found in most furniture shops.

Turn mugs into art

Devour a rack that basically turns mugs into a little work of art. Not only the cupboard is available at an affordable range, but also, it’s easy to customize. Cut it to the scale you wish to perfectly suit your mug collection. Paint it to blend in with your kitchen and frame it for a finished look.

Build a custom shelf

How beautiful it will be to create a house-shaped DIY shelf. Do not worry about the mess. If you’ve got a minimal number of mugs but would like to keep them out of your cabinets, customize shelf the way you want. It'd look like the Mugs are perfectly placed right over a coffee station creating an inviting space.

Stack them

Don’t be afraid to paint the three-tiered tray for your Mug collection. You'll be able to save counter space and still keep all of your mugs together. Keep the collection along with indoor plants. Bring in nature’s beauty to decorate like a perfect mug paradise.

Grab a cart

Tiny kitchens are tight on counter space. Building an extra cabinet for the designer mugs can be difficult. Instead, get an ingenious and gorgeous idea cart and let it take anyone perfect spot of your home. It need not be a kitchen. Or. Wheel that beauty right into the dining room during a ceremonial dinner — or your bedroom, if you wish a latte in bed. All yours!

Cups in basket

Basket is the picture-perfect solution for organizing your tea mugs. Basket popped on the countertop look delightful and are fantastic to stay over for your favourite teacups. They will also keep your collection tidy and safe. Putting your washed coffee mugs into a fairly little basket could be so much better for a busy morning. Baskets are especially helpful when you want to cover everything away, just place the basket under the countertop.

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