How to create a corporate logo on coffee mugs at Stylizedd

How to create a corporate logo on coffee mugs at Stylizedd

Whether you are starting a new business or already ahead in business game, to have an office accessories that represent your company is something everyone longs for. And one of the most used accessories is coffee mugs. Here's what you can do:

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Gone are the days where consumers run behind specific products or services for their needs or luxury; today as many service providers and suppliers, where distinction for preference has become very necessary and somewhat difficult. This is where the new age 'Customization' tool has come into play for companies. We know that each Customer is unique in his or her set of demands or needs. Identifying their individuality and listening to them is a formula to win over today's customers.

Customized corporate mugs are a rage nowadays. Who wouldn’t want a mug that speaks about the corporate world they belong to? At Stylizedd, we offer a customization app to get the desired designs on mugs. However, the process needs to be completed carefully to get brilliant results. It might get confusing. However, this blog offers a step-by-step guide to customize coffee mugs.

Step 1:

Select your device

The first step is to select mugs in the device section. There are several other products too that Stylizedd offers many other products like phone cases, laptop covers etc. that you intend to create a custom design for.

Step 2

Upload photos

The next step to customize coffee mug is to upload photo which you need to get printed on your mugs. You could either upload these pictures from your own gallery or any social media channel.

Step 3

Effects and Filters

In the last stage of customizing coffee mugs, you can add texts, get the design or picture you want. You will also apply effects and various filters available.

Customized corporate mugs  - Stylizedd Customized corporate mugs  - Stylizedd

One of the benefits of using our customization app is there is no way you will return empty ended. Be it personalized mugs or tea mugs on movie theme, you will get whatever you need.

Isn’t it simple? Customize coffee mugs with your corporate logo on it in a color and style that you want! Make your coffee mugs look unique with Stylizedd.

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