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Style meets protection | Stylizedd mobile skin ultra

Many people might confuse phone skin with phone cases. There exist a few differences between them, but both provide equal protection to your phone with a minor change.

Phone skin could be a good choice if you don’t want to hide the back design of your mobile and yet want to safeguard it from damage. Phone skin is an attractive way to flaunt the style. It sticks easily on your phone and makes your phone look slimmer than before.

We, at Stylizedd, strive hard to relinquish you a large sort of choice on the mobile skin designs you desire. We offer phone skins in a large range of colors and textures. Moreover, they're fabricated from 3M vinyl with air release technology which can protect your mobile from your scratches and dust.

Check out our best-selling phone skins which have attractive and interesting textures.

  1. All the magic is in the grey

Stylizedd Mobile skin 1

They say that everything is neither black nor white, it's all grey. Hence, avoid the confusion of colors and opt for a sophisticated greyish phone skin. It gives you a feel of authority and adds barely of tenderness to your profile. The designer skin features a smooth and brushed aluminum texture, making it stand-out within the crowd. If you would like to be a classy yet subtle look then go for it.

  1. Orange is full of positive vibes

Stylizedd Mobile skin 2

Orange is a young, youthful, imaginative color. Seek a flavor of optimistic energy with our orange colored Fine Grain Leather phone skin. The textured skin features a fine finish which helps you to own a firm grip and its precise cut ensures an ideal fit your phone. No doubt, the fresh color is adored by all.

  1. Take a ride on a greenside

Stylizedd Mobile skin 3

The forests are lush green and full of the fragrance of flowers, plants, and leaves. The tree which could be a tropical hardwood is well-known for its durability and water-resistance. We, at Stylizedd, have tried to bring the properties and richness of lush green forest into a phone skin. This is the result that the phone skin looks smooth and features a sophisticated finish thereto.

  1. A whole lot can happen, out of blue!

Stylizedd Mobile skin 4

Imagine if you're surrounded by deep Blue Ocean on all sides. You’ll be able to see a spectrum of colors of blue shade that fills your life with fresh aspirations and brings solace to your soul. The marine life inside teaches you the importance of being happy in whatever life throws at us. Our Ocean Prism phone skin is intended specifically brings this essence of the ocean into phone skins. Awaken yourself every day with such a blissful phone skin is what's going to make your life more meaningful.

  1. Brown, the smart choice!

Stylizedd Mobile skin 5

Enjoy the texture of engineered wood on your mobile with our Plywood Print phone skin. The designer skin appears to own a rough texture together with a lightweight shade of red color. The feel gives you a feeling of strength while the color indicates your kind nature. If you're someone who doesn’t like bright colors, then this designer skin could be a great option for you.

  1. Black is the revolution

Stylizedd Mobile skin 6

There exist many colors but black overpowers all of them. The color has its own vibe which sets the mood everywhere. The color looks glamorous on everyone and never bestows its magic. One more carbon-fiber texture to the color increases the charm of the design.

Add colors to your life with textured phone skins from Stylizedd.