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Add an extra edge to your iPhone 7 with these designer iPhone cases

Add an extra edge to your iPhone 7 with these designer iPhone cases

Would you like to flaunt your iPhone? Obviously, who wouldn’t like to? But at the same time, you must be possessive about it, right? What if your iPhone accidentally falls down and there is a screen-break or body-damage? Relax, don’t panic!

Being possessive about your iPhone is justified. And hence, we at Stylizedd, have brought to you an excellent range of designer iPhone cases that are a great combo of style and safety. Along with their never-seen-before designs, these cases and covers also provide a great protection to your phone.

But before we blow you off with our cool iPhone cases, read why you should go for our cases and covers.

Our cases are made from the lightest, finest and strongest amorphous polymer. It makes the case more durable and slimmer so that you can show off elegantly thin profile of your iPhone. Our cases permanently remain embedded, unlike other cases using thermal transfers. The impact-resistant outer shell defends the phone from dust, scratches or drops. Its advanced technology and design make sure that the entire device is covered, including sides.

5 Best qualities of our iPhone cases and covers

  1. Slim, lightweight and durable
  2. Protects entire device, including edges
  3. Allows full access to all device ports
  4. Minimal impact on overall device size
  5. Permanent, edge-to-edge colors embedded directly onto the case

Let’s have a look at some exciting iPhone 7 cases by Stylizedd, below:

Brave, wild and free

An iPhone cover for those who are bold, brave and love to live carefree!

Wild covers

For the gamers and invaders

How many of you have played these games crazily? Wouldn’t you like to make these iPhone 7 cases yours?

Gamers cover

When words fail…

Remember this traditional music cassette from the late 90s? Cool this cover is, isn’t it?

words fail mobile cover

Calculator? Cover? No, Calculator!or o n the back of your iPhone 7!

calculator mobile cover

Fries before guys!

How many girls do agree?

fries mobile cover

Fingerprint on your phone case

Yes, possible! If you want your own fingerprint on your iPhone case, then go to create your own iPhone case, upload your fingerprint image and get it delivered at your doorstep. It’s easy and quick!

fingerprint mobile cover

We have many more iPhone 7 cases for everyone out there, go explore the cool covers Now!