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6 Must-have textured phone skins for your mobile

When you own a good-looking smartphone, you don’t want to hamper its good looks by covering it with a phone cover. In such cases, phone skins serve as a great option. They protect your phone well while maintaining its smart looks. Moreover, phone skins make mobile look slimmer as they attach directly to your mobile.

We, at Stylizedd, provide a good variety of colours, designs and textures of phone skins which are made of 3M vinyl with air release technology to protect your mobile from minor scratches. Also, the skins have a high precision cut designed to fit your phone perfectly. Here we have come up with 6 such phone skins with interesting textures to make your phone look attractive.

  • Make a statement with black

Black is a colour which is desired by all. Why not use it for your phone skin as well? A designer skin in black colour with a carbon fibre texture will make your phone look sleek and versatile. The slant dotted lines add a fine element to the texture. Your phone skin will not only look stylish but also irresistibly attractive. Hence, go for this Carbon Fibre phone skin and make a statement with it!

Carbon Fibre phone skin - Stylizedd

  • Take a dive into the ocean

Think of a surreal ocean. Imagine the freshness of its blue colour which fills your heart with new spirits. The constantly changing shades of the ocean remind you of the spontaneous and ever-evolving nature of life; and when those fickle waves reach the shore, they uplift your hopes and ignite your spirits to achieve new heights. Dive deeper into this ecstatic essence of the ocean with our Ocean Prism skin for your phone. Bliss, isn’t it?

Ocean Prism phone skin - Stylizedd
  • Enjoy the texture of an engineered wood

Experience the feel of an engineered wood in a phone skin with our Plywood Print designer skin. The soft colour indicates the smoothness of your nature while the coarse texture of the plywood indicates the strength you have. For anyone who doesn’t like bright and gaudy colours, this phone skin can be a great option to go for.

Plywood Print designer skin - Stylizedd
  • Add a zing of tanginess to your mobile

The fine grain texture and the tanginess of orange are all you need to energize your life. The designer skin is cut in high precision which allows it to fit perfectly on your phone. The fine grain texture helps you to have a firm grip on your phone and protects it well. Overall, the phone skin adds an ever-lasting appeal to your gadget. Check out the Fine Grain Leather phone skin at Stylizedd.

Fine Grain Leather phone skin - Stylizedd
  • Get a feel of teak wood on your phone skin

A collection of textured phone skins is incomplete without a tinge of hard-wood in it. Hence, Stylizedd has designed a phone skin which gives a texture of teak wood, especially for you. The phone skin which has a texture of marine teak gives a sleek and sophisticated finish to your mobile. Surround yourself with the elegance of the teak wood by our Wood Marine Teak designer skin.

Wood Marine Teak designer skin - Stylizedd
  • Get a classy look with a grey skin

This phone skin belongs to those people who like their life to be simple yet classy. The dark grey colour gives a sense of authority while adding a hint of subtleness to your profile. Its texture is as smooth as aluminium without a shiny glaze on it. We have no second thought on the strong influence it will create on the people around you. So, grab this look with our Brushed Aluminium phone skin and become that classy adult you have always aspired for.

Brushed Aluminium phone skin - Stylizedd

A life full of colours is good but an element of texture will pitch your life to a different level altogether. Hence, add these textures to your life with these textured phone skins from Stylizedd. Let a surge of soothing colours and impressing textures fill your heart with excitement and happiness. Go, get one today.